The company LLC "FOOD-SERVICE" has been successfully engaged in wholesale trade of meat and fish in the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 10 years.

  • Import of meat and fish
  • Wholesale trade
  • Transportation, logistics
    Our core competencies are:
  • Beef
  • Horsemeat
  • Pork
  • Chicken meat
  • Fish
We offer frozen and chilled products
for further processing or sale.

If you are looking for a reliable and time-tested supplier, the FOOD SERVICE company is a perfect choice: our partners trust us, namely more than 50 Russian meat and fish factories, manufacturers of meat and fish products.


To provide our customers with high-quality products on time


Every day we work to ensure that our customers receive their orders on time.
  • High quality products
    We have been working only with trusted suppliers of meat products that meet all the requirements of international quality for 10 years.
  • Wide selection
    We are expanding the range of products, offering our customers a variety of products.
  • Documentation transparency
    With each batch of goods, we provide a set of all necessary documents. Quality certificate, veterinary certificate, etc.
  • Possibility of deferred payment
    Due to the established system of cooperation with suppliers and buyers, we provide the possibility of step-by-step payment.
  • Own warehouse
    To preserve the quality of meat products, the company's warehouse is equipped with the latest freezers.
  • Professional team
    Our team consists of experienced specialists who quickly cope with any tasks.


The FOOD SERVICE company is making great progress! Here are some facts about how we work:
More than 10 years
in the meat market
We started in 2009 and still improving all the time
2000 tons
Products sold monthly
60 clients
Every year we cooperate with more than 60 meat processing factories of the Russian Federation
15 suppliers
We cooperate directly both with Russian and foreign suppliers
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